Claire setup The Microcelebriti in 2016 after an acclaimed career as a digital media pioneer.

In 2000 she launched connectedaustralia.com, the first online news service for the Australasian consumer electronics industry. By 2014, she owned and managed five customised websites and produced two daily subscription paid newsletters. And while she was doing all of that development, she took revenue from to a 30% average p.a consistently over a ten year period.

Claire was also an early social media practitioner and, in 2007 launched her online technology site for women, connectedwomentech.com.au via the powerful social media channels of Facebook and Twitter.

Since then, Claire has worked with leading Australian companies including Nespresso, Sunbeam, Breville, Panasonic and Sony to digitally connect them with the powerful women’s consumer markets.

She has delivered her engaging presentation ‘How to Connect with the Women’s Markets and Profit’ in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand and Malaysia. And, as a result has lifted awareness of the immense scale of women who use social media to engage, compare, research and shop online.

She is also a member of the US Marketing to Women Conference global leadership panel and has appeared on Channel 9 as a commentator on retail business and technology.

Claire is an engaging, passionate writer and speaker with deep insight into often complex and challenging issues.

She coaches executives who are challenged with the social media networking to. She also teaches female resilience, authenticity and business success courses throughout Australia and Asia.

Her personal experience of the profound power of social media make a difference within the economy is behind her decision to create The Microcelebriti in early 2016. Her aim is to take executives from offline to brilliance and beyond.

The clients she has been working with report that, within days of implementing customised strategies along with key business insights they have seen improvements in both their personal and business lives.

As Claire explains:
“Women are leading men in starting-up new businesses in Australia and New Zealand. They not only control 89% of household spending, but they are reshaping what small business looks like and how it relates to our society. When we see a woman managing her family and her business we are looking at our future.”