I’m a digital pioneer who developed the disruptive and iconic ConnectedAustralia B2B websites, newsletters and social media channels for the consumer electronics industry at a time when executives were reliant on the print media for their intelligence.

Then I went further, and founded Australia’s first digital technology news service for women and become a professional speaker on marketing to women. My clients included Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG Electronics, Sunbeam, Dyson and major retailers including Winnings Appliances, Harvey Norman and Myer.

Today, my reach extends to more than 35 countries and I am fortunate to have the senior executives from these companies continue to follow me through my extensive social media brand The Microcelebriti.

The consulting services offered by The Microcelebriti are specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners who find themselves struggling to develop a plan and manage their social media platforms. They end out ‘outsourcing’ often to unknown and remote operators who don’t have an authentic interest in seeing their business grow. This leaves them vulnerable without the social ‘knowhow’ competence within their own operations.

Most executives understand the influence of social media; they just don’t have a predictable system that works for their business.

Connect with me here www.linkedin.com/in/themicrocelebriti and I will chat about the problem that is nagging at you during a 45 minute consultation in return for a cup of Chai tea. Just email me at claire@themicrocelebriti.com.au.