Two changes that can make your LinkedIn profile smarter

This week, I’ve been re-writing LinkedIn profiles for my small business clients. These guys are smart, successful and savvy.

But their LinkedIn profiles, on show to around four million business people who populate the site in Australia, didn’t reflect weren’t reflecting these strengths. Instead, they displayed the two most common mistakes sadly evident in many profiles.

The first ‘must’ 
A good rule of thumb is to consider your profile as your shop window. Instead of it sitting inside a Westfield Mall, it sits inside the LinkedIn ‘mall’. Like any good mall owner, LinkedIn wants to drive traffic to your ‘shop’, so it posts your profile in front of as many people as 2

But, if all you have done is paste up your resume onto your profile and not tailored it for your ideal client, then business prospects are going to click right past you. Just as they would ignore you ‘shop’ window if the merchandise wasn’t appealing.

I’m sure you do that everyday.

A carefully crafted profile is more important today than ever. LinkedIn research reveals that before they decide to do business with you, a whopping 70% of executives look at both your website AND your LinkedIn profile.

One thing they are not interested in is where you went to school and what job you held 20 years ago. Frankly, they don’t have time. What they want to know is what can you do for them and they want to know it quickly.

Take the sale sign out of your window
Once you have given some thought to how your customers are viewing you on LinkedIn, you need to turn your mind to the brand synergy with your other digital assets. You don’t put a sales spiel on the Home Page of your website.

So, don’t put it on your profile.

Launching into a long narrative about how you can help just about anyone is guaranteed to make the ideal customer or client run away when you need to be attracting them.
Again, think about how you feel when you walk past a shop which has SALE signs plastered all over it and a spruiker outside. I know I want to move on as quickly as possible.

There are many ways to creatively showcase your services within your profile that will catch the eyes of a potential client right away.

It’s also possible to entice them further by highlighting your passions and your values. It is often these attributes that make you stand out from the crowd

It’s definitely hard and time-consuming to make your profile attractive. But if you care about your business, LinkedIn is a powerful platform to to display it.

Claire Moffat

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