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For those that need clarity in their lives, vision and the passion for success, coaching is a great way to spark your inner spirit which primarily holds all the answers. The benefits of having a life coach include clarity, commitment, visioning your success coupled with Strategies and Goals defined to suit your needs,” Thrive Global 2018.

Claire specialises in Beating Procrastination, a unique process that enables anyone to achieve their goals and more. She underpins this with her deep life experience which enables her to see blocks that are often hidden from clients.

Since 2015, Claire has guided many women and men to uncover the hidden beliefs which stops them from moving forward and achieving their dreams. Together these are minimised and the best qualities are bought forth to shape an extraordinary life. It is an exciting journey of progress and breakthroughs that results in clients beginning the best 12 months of their lives.

Her program equips clients with the life skills to navigate towards preferred outcomes, and the goals you set. Coaching topics explored include concepts such as procrastination; balance; mindset; resilience; the language we use and its impact; stress management; creativity; emotional management – and more – all designed to help you lead a life of self-responsibility, consistency and constant forward momentum. She helps you avoid self-sabotage and live closer to your potential.


The YB12 Life Coaching Program

This is the easiest way to create your goals and achieve them over 12 months.

Quality Research Based Written Materials

The program materials were developed by a small business entrepreneur with more than 30 year’s business experience and psychologist with a combined 70 years of academic life.

As a client, you will receive your YB12 Strategic Planning document. This 200-page manual becomes your personalised ‘Blueprint’ for success.

Sophisticated Strategic Planning Model

This is a systematic, formally documented process for deciding what are the handful of key decisions that an individual needs to get right in order to thrive over the next year. The process results in the production of a reliable strategic plan.

You will begin your program with an intensive one-on-one session to determine your personal or business vision for the 12 months ahead. Once established, your vision is underpinned by three or four major objectives you need to reach to make sure you achieve your best year ever. Set aside at least one hour.

 Personal Coaching Over 12 Months

Exclusive, monthly one-on-one Coaching with Claire Moffat over a 12 month period.

Each month you will work with your coach to establish the micro steps you need to take on a day-to-day basis to make sure you remain focused for the month ahead.

During this time you will become crystal clear on what it is you really want, strategies you’ll need to get there and the possible preventions, blockages or resistances that may hold you back.

The Executive Coaching Program

Many executives come to a point in their careers  where they feel lost, overwhelmed or disenchanted. You may even be in transition between careers or re-starting in a new country.

Through this program we will  uncover what you want to do, tools and strategies to overcome the fear holding you back and get you moving forward.Executive coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board for their clients.

You’ll also learn great tools & strategies to cope with any challenges in your current workplace.

They ask questions, challenge assumptions, help provide clarity, provide resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice. They often administer and help interpret 360-degree and behavioral assessments, conduct confidential interviews to help a client gain self-awareness, and establish development goals.




Refund Policy

Microcelebriti Personal Coaching Program: If cancellations are made after the Program has commenced there is a $600 cancellation fee.

If sessions are rescheduled under 48 hours notice there is a $250 rescheduling fee.