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According to LinkedIn, business people who regularly practice Social Selling:

  • Create 45% more opportunities
  • Are 51% more likely to achieve quota
  • Are 80% more productive

It’s no wonder that Social Selling is one of the hottest topics in sales today. Companies, trade associations, and small businesses that focus on sales are increasingly using Social Selling speakers to educate and excite audiences. LinkedIn is one of the most highly optimized social media platforms with over 500 million global members and 4.3 million in Australia.

The Social Start-Up Package

This is the easiest way to establish and build your LinkedIn presenceWork with the Microcelebriti to build your powerful online presence.

  1. Create and build your LinkedIn 2018 Networking Strategy and Objectives
  2. Craft and package your skills and experience into a powerful Profile
  3. Identify your Ideal Client Avatar
  4. Discover what your connections really need from you and post useful daily content

A complete LinkedIn makeover. Get ready for 2018 with an All-Star Platform.

Set-Up and Implement Social Media Strategy and Practice

Let The Microcelebriti experts create and manage your LinkedIn practice. 

  1. Research and write a new Profile Summary
  2. Complete and optimise Profile
  3. Identify and connect with your Ideal Client
  4. Align the social media strategy with your vision and values
  5. Create a weekly calendar of content
  6. Post daily to the LinkedIn site and (Twitter when required)
  7. Write a weekly blog


Set-Up Company Page and Social Media Strategy

  1. Create a Company Page Strategy
  2. Write Company Page Profile
  3. Align the Company social media strategy with your vision and values

The Intensive Social Learning Package

Begin to talk directly with your Ideal clients. This intensive, customised training session with The Microcelebriti will equip you with the essential social media skills to grow your business.

Week 1

Sourcing and commenting on relevant content for your audience

  • Evaluating your level of research and micro-blogging skills
  • Training you in hunting, identifying and sourcing content that will engage your audience
  • Checking your work and making recommendations

Week 2

Creating a weekly calendar of customised content

  • Training you in identifying content aligned with your monthly activity plan and tailoring it for your Ideal Client
  • Identifying and challenging hurdles to a successful practice
  • Curating content from and about specific clients

Week 3

Finding and engaging with your Ideal Client

  • Training you in a system for finding your Ideal Client online
  • Training you in direct engagement with client
  • Devising a list of Blog topics and creating a timeline
  • Discussing benefits of a Company Page



One-on-One LinkedIn or Social Media Consultation

Are you interested in personal, 1:1 coaching and training to improve your Social profile?  Are you struggling to successfully apply specific LinkedIn strategies ? Schedule your own private session at your convenience.

These sessions can be held in person in Sydney, or virtually in other locations.

  • Learn how to improve and get the most from your Social profiles
  • 90 minutes, 1:1 hands-on Social Profile review and update




The Microcelebriti Personal Coaching Program

The Microcelebriti  Personal Coaching Program is specifically tailored for women and men experiencing frustration and uncertainty in their business lives.

The program creates a path forward based on your individual needs and desires.

The gradual pace of this program enables deep insights to surface and, as a result, harmony begins to develop between your business and personal life while an authentic vision emerges.

You will discover where you are now, where you want to go and how you are going to arrive there.


How The Microcelebriti Coaching Progam Works

Claire Moffat, the founder of The Microcelebriti, facilitates the Program with monthly sessions over a 12 month period. Claire will share with you her empathic insights and deep understandings of a women’s business journey.

Claire will:

  • Keep you on track with exercises, action items and honest feedback
  • Enable you to grow through her empathic insights and deep understandings of a woman’s business journey
  • Help you make valuable connections to facilitate your growth


Session Components


  • Identifying and building on your successes, losses and frustrations.
  • Creating a picture of your future in its ideal state.
  • Why do you always give up too soon?
  • What fulfillment means to you.
  • What is really stopping you from achieving your goals?
  • Where is your life out of alignment?
  • Fantasy versus authenticity.
  • Breaking the mold.
  • Challenging the ‘committee in your mind’.
  • Releasing the daily pressure.
  • Unlocking your creativity.
  • Your attitude.



Refund Policy

YB12 Coaching Program: There is a money back refund for all

workshops and coaching programs.

LinkedIn Training and Microcelebriti Personal Coaching Program: If cancellations are made after the Program has commenced there is a $600 cancellation fee.